A new study published by Google indicated that individuals are able to create first impressions regarding website design in less than a second. Psychologists from Princeton also discovered that first impressions of visitors are created in a tenth of one second. It, therefore, makes sense to conclude that people make similar judgments regarding office designs as well.

In almost all office buildings, a reception is the point where first impressions are formed by visitors hence many office refurbishment companies will tend to place more emphasis on the reception space. This article explores 7 crucial tips that will help get your reception area on brand so that it gives the right first impression.


  1. Have a Prominent Display of Your Company’s Logo

One excellent way through which an office interior design service can create a positive first impression is by having your company logo at the reception area. This acts as an excellent way to firmly brand this little space as well as send a reminder or clear message to all visitors about where they are and what service they should expect to receive.

Your logo must be high-quality and clearly visible from the building’s point of entry. While the logo should be just large enough to be seen, it is advisable not to go overboard with its size since it could turn out to be intimidating or overbearing. More so, the best idea is to think of some creative ways through which you can feature your logo so that it stands out for the best reasons. You could use back-lights, erect it on a high impact support so that it swings on the wall or a rather unique texture.

  1. Use Brand Colors

While plain white walls often portray a professional look, they often say very little about your business. It is for this reason that you should make attempts to have some of your brand colors in the reception area, just to add some sense of character.

In an interview with Office Snapshots, Jacqueline Barr who is the Head of Design at Ted Moudis Associates said that your brand colors shouldn’t be generic. She went on to add that there are simple yet effective ways to claim the reception space from something as simple as painting the wall with a corporate color.

  1. Ensure it Functions

An office interior design company can also help to ensure that the reception area functions properly so that your visitors do not get confused.

So to speak, the reception desk must be clearly labeled, have signs directing visitors to the reception desk if it is not obvious. In addition, you should also consider aspects like disabled access and go for the appropriate furniture and seating area so that any visitors who must wait are taken care of. If your waiting area is relatively large, it should be considered a major influential zone since visitors could be studying passively for a short time.

  1. Showcase All Products You Have

The best reception area should make it instantly obvious to visitors the kind of business they have come to and what is actually sold by your business. And the best way to help with this is by showcasing some of the products you sell. This can be done with roller banners either side of the desk or even a printed brochure.

Display cases make for an excellent way to showcase your products besides keeping them safe. However, in some organizations where it is not the norm to have physical products at the reception, it is possible to showcase products in a different way. For instance, Lego’s Istanbul Headquarter weaves Lego figures and bricks into its design.


  1. Don’t Ignore The Lighting

Next, it’s crucial to appreciate the role played by lighting in the design of any reception area, both in terms of sending the right message and drawing attention to your company’s brand and values.

In one article for Nimlok, Laura Baines explains that halo lighting around the company logo could have quite a lasting impact on the visitors. Lighting around your reception desk draws visitors to where they should go whereas an energy efficient lighting indicates that you care about your environment and its resources.

  1. Keep Everything Clean and Tidy

One aspect that many people often ignore but can make a great difference regarding the visual impact of your reception area is the addition of specific elements to maintain the cleanliness and tidiness of your reception area.

While most office renovation companies will provide you with endless ideas when it comes to this, there are some crucial elements that must be included, like placing bins to ensure your visitors don’t litter the reception area, special entrance surfaces or doormats to reduce the dirt and mud that people bring into your office building with their shoes. If you have a coffee area at your reception, ensure there is the appropriate display cabinet to make sure it is completely tidy.

  1. Purchase a Good Reception Desk

Ultimately, you will need to ensure you have invested in the right kind of reception desk. Besides looking attractive and professional, you should also pay attention to the desk’s height.

An infographic from Entrepreneur.com mentions that a desk that is too high could be somewhat intimidating. In addition, a desk that is too high could make it difficult for your visitors to perform simple tasks like filling the visitor’s book. A bespoke desk, despite being expensive, is obviously worth the money since it can as well have a huge impact.