According to the latest Statista figures, Social media usage is one of the most popular online activities.

In 2020, over 3.6 billion people were using social media worldwide, a number projected to increase to almost 4.41 billion in 2025.

Almost Half of the People around the world are on some form of social media platform, and this is expected to keep growing! This trend clearly explains why a lot of businesses continue to leverage people’s presence and interest in social media. In fact, a lot of SMEs and new businesses have found a great ally in social media as it enables them a cost-effective means to make their online presence known without the need to build a website right away.

The use of social media for business promotion

Ever since Instagram, Facebook and Twitter began offering business services in the last decade, the use of social media for business promotion rapidly increased. From then on, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social media sites jumped on the bandwagon, making it clear that social media can be a viable, lucrative vehicle for raising brand awareness, expanding one’s business network, finding suppliers, and online selling.

Although social media was not considered a major vehicle for promoting business initially, the years have shown us that the traditional way of spending thousands or even millions of dollars on television ad placements and advertising on print and billboards is no longer feasible. People not only spend a substantial amount of time on social media browsing through their friends’ profiles and updates; they also show their support and engagement to certain brands on these platforms.

This is why today, a lot of businesses wisely invest their advertising money in different mediums, combining the old with the new, including social media marketing. If you have a business and you’re planning on investing more in your social media marketing strategy, it would help to know the pros and cons of using social media for your business.

Pros of using social media for business

Social media allows side hustlers and small businesses to get more mileage out of their marketing budget. That is because advertising costs are typically much lower than with traditional above-the-line marketing mediums. Aside from this, it also provides the following advantages:

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1. Market insights

Social media platforms provide businesses access to analytical tools, but you can also collect your own market data by conducting online polls, surveys, giving offers, discounts, or promotions, and observing how your target market responds. You can also get a read on customer wants needs, and sentiments by interacting with them through comments and inquiries, and by encouraging suggestions.

Doing these things can help you gain valuable insights into what works and what might not, as well as help inform your future business decisions.

2. Immediate feedback and customer interactions

If you’re one to engage and converse constantly with your brand followers, you’ll find it easy to get honest feedback from your customers. Add to these customer reviews that you can also quickly respond to, especially when there are disgruntled customers who have expressed their dissatisfaction with a product or service.

Remember to not allow negative criticisms to affect how you deal with your customers online. If you get negative reviews, use these as an opportunity to appease your customers and make them feel special. Invite them to your establishment with the assurance of something better. This will show other customers that you are professional, honest, and gracious, and this can quickly earn the goodwill of even your dissatisfied customers.

3. Global reach

If you are expanding your business overseas, social media can make it easy and convenient for you to connect with a global audience and promote your business. And you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to accomplish this. All you need is the right marketing strategy that’ll get your message across to your target demographic.

Cons of using social media for business

Cons of using social media for business

Cons of using social media for business

Social media can do a lot of things to help grow your business. Conversely, it also has a few downsides that need to be efficiently addressed to ensure your business only benefits from it.

1. Security threats

LinkedIn was hacked in 2012 by Russian cybercriminals who stole the passwords of nearly 6.5 million user accounts. Back in 2018, Facebook was hacked, leading to the hijacking of 50 million accounts. Just this year, the social media giant’s Twitter and Instagram accounts were both hacked by the “OurMine” hacking group.

These cyber incidents clearly indicate that no one is safe on the Internet, including well-funded social media platforms. So, if you do your business on social media, you are also exposing yourself to the threats posed by cyberattacks.

2. Trolls and misinformation

The speed by which trolls can sway public opinion makes them a real threat to establishments and personalities. Although dirty tactics such as corporate espionage and stealing intellectual property have been employed in business, trolls who are activated to spread negative opinions on anyone, including businesses, can ruin even the most carefully built reputation online.

This is why it’s important to have a dedicated social media manager or staff to look after your business’s social media accounts. It also helps to provide good, timely customer service to ensure you have happy customers to back you up.

3. Slow results

Just as there are billions of people on Facebook and other social media platforms, there are also millions of businesses promoting themselves on the same media. This means you will be competing with thousands of others in the same business and vying for the attention of your target customers.

Wrap Up

So, if it’s your first time venturing into social media advertising and promotions, make sure you have the patience to wait things out. This is especially true when you’ve just recently created your dedicated business page. Getting your brand out there can take time and would require some investment. You also need to have the right strategy to achieve your business objectives.

Create Your Own Logo Design Ideas

8 Important social media tools every small business should know

Online businesses need two forms of representation; first in the form of a dedicated website and second in the form of social media. For that, we need great social media tools. Let’s break it further. Websites grab traffic from two sources; the first is an organic one, which comes from search engine pages; the second one comes from social media links. For any new website or an online business, social media presence is a must thing. The reason is quite obvious; an average internet user spends more time on social media than any other website.

Well, making a dedicated social media page is not enough. A business needs to monitor the performance of its social media page, to evaluate its effectiveness. It is essential that website owners keep a check and balance of how social media presence is impacting their business.

2022 Social media tools for small businesses

social media tools

Growing Your Followers on TikTok

The Essential Guidelines. Do you want to become successful on TikTok? If yes, you should have a strong presence on this platform. When you have a bigger audience, you will increase your brand’s visibility. And this in turn will boost sales, maximize brand awareness and develop long-lasting relationships with your target audience.

Today, there are platforms that are available to enable you to opt in for more followers quickly. That will help you for a while. If you want to use the platform to its full potential, you will require genuine TikTok followers who will care about all that you have to say. To know more about it, you can check out this site.

A few guidelines to grow your followers on TikTok are:

  1. Recognize the target audience

One of the most crucial things you can do to grow the TikTok followers is to recognize your target audience. And similar to other social media sites, even TikTok users can cover various demographics, niches, and locations. This kind of content that works correctly in one group might fail to work for another group. Hence, before you start developing a TikTok influencer or marketing strategy, it’s essential to narrow down your target audience for the platform.

The moment you’ve recognized your target audience, it is essential to generate content specifically for your audience. While your objective is to have increased TikTok followers, it’s necessary to approach the content generation to entertain or educate your target audience to have real connections. It’s essential to attract the correct followers who are interested in your brand and the services and products you offer.

  1. Make the most of trends

The TikTok trends are an excellent way to create a different brand positioning and also add to the overall brand personality. TikTok focuses on trends. You have the chance to maximize your followers by leveraging the trends significantly. But there is no hard and fast rule that you have to take part in something because it’s trending. It would help if you use your discretion about the trends where you wish to take and ensure that you are getting seen by your target audience.

It would help if you educated the followers

Use TikTok to generate educational and engaging

  1. content that offers value to the followers

The ideal TikTok content for influencers and brands is entertaining and educational. It’s a great idea for using smart TikTok content for sharing data about the services and products, that can best cater to your audience and ensure that their lives are simpler.

  1. Opt-in for hashtags

The hashtags are gaining prominence on almost all social media platforms as it makes it simpler to come across collections for the content you prefer. When you use hashtags, it enables you to expand your audience. It’s mostly so when you have a blend of trending hashtags, branded hashtags, general hashtags, and business-specific hashtags.

Last but not least, you can always cross-promote the videos. Marketing can’t sustain itself because of TikTok alone. This platform doesn’t survive in a vacuum. A competent online marketing strategy has to comprise various other social media platforms that people use. Anywhere the target audience spends time online, you should be there. Using all these tactics you can grow your TikTok followers.

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