• Top 5 Instagram Widget Tools You Should Embed on Website

Top 5 Instagram Widget Tools You Should Embed on Website

Instagram is a mobile-only social media platform that has more than 1 billion monthly active users. It’s very much beneficial for brands or companies that focus on promoting their business. Instagram is also becoming more popular as the number of user-generated content is increasing day by day.

The users love this platform due to its quick editing tools, filters, and cropping feature. They can also use the application to capture relevant pictures, edit and share them with their followers.

It’s an unprecedented opportunity for business owners to use Instagram to boost their marketing. It’s also an extraordinary medium to promote the business as well as the brand influence.

In this article, we’ll talk about 5 photo displaying tools you should embed on a blog or website. Multiple tools can serve this purpose. This can be achieved by Instagram plugins or Instagram widgets.

Taggbox Widget

One of the most famous Instagram aggregators is Taggbox Widget that helps users or brands to develop a social wall for their website, weddings, events, product launches, conferences, and more. It uses the username or relevant hashtags to collect the Instagram hashtag feed.

Apart from performing as an aggregator, Taggbox Widget can also help you to customize and moderate your hashtag content on the website. However, your hashtag content should be streaming live.

With tons of important features like Auto-Moderation, CTA, Profanity Filter, Taggbox Widget is an important tool to embed on a website. Taggbox Widget also offers Instagram API along with tons of highly customizable themes which can help you to integrate photo feeds on a website.

Additionally, Taggbox Widget is simple enough to be embedded on HTML websites as well as other website building platforms like Wix, WordPress, Squarespace, Weebly, and many more.


SnapWidget is a free Instagram photo displaying tool that uses specific hashtags and usernames to search for Instagram feeds. The tool is user-friendly and very easy to set up. It also offers a creative photo map and slideshows.

SnapWidget provides Instagram users with an HTML code that allows them to upload Instagram feed on the website. It’s also extremely helpful to show live photos on Instagram. If a user prioritizes stylish and interactive variants, then SnapWidget is perfect for them.

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Another easy and simple tool is ProPhoto that can help you to add the Instagram widget on a website. Before implementing, you need to create an account on ProPhoto and permit it to access your Instagram profile.

Once you’re done connecting and giving permission, you can implement the content from the Instagram feed into the widget feed. Then you can search for options to customize the feed. Not to mention you can add titles, texts, and even image layout to the feed.

It’s also possible to define image size and spacing along with several grids or photo customization. This is one of the best Instagram tools if you want to integrate a basic Instagram feed into your website.


LightWidget is an Instagram tool that allows you to add an Instagram feed into the widget panel that can be processed and displayed on the particular website. Like other Instagram tools, LightWidget also has various customization facilities that can make your profile interactive and creative.

With the help of LightWidget, you can customize the Instagram content formatting, content effects, visuals, texts, and most importantly, CTA. This will draw user action into your Instagram feed.

LightWidget is a free Instagram widget, but it also has a paid version. However, the paid version doesn’t have any setbacks compared to the free version. It is compatible with other website platforms such as Shopify, HTML, and WordPress, etc.


According to Backlinko, Instagram has 500 million daily active users. Unsurprisingly, most of the users rely on screenshot method that allows them to create wallpaper from Instagram posts. However, Instush is another Instagram widget that allows users to save Instagram posts and create wallpaper from it. This tool helps users to save pictures from specified accounts. You can also save your liked pictures and use hashtags to search pictures and then create wallpaper out of them. One of the best features of Instush is that you can choose from 14 different gallery designs to embed on your website.

Instush allows you to showcase Instagram photos on different blogs, websites, and online stores. You can embed and customize the Instagram gallery on your website effortlessly and create a good impression amongst your audience.

Additionally, this widget is very responsive if you consider embedding it on your website. With beautiful effects, layout designs, crop features, and filters, it will help you to create an attractive Instagram gallery. As a result, your website’s performance and visitors will be boosted.


These are the top 5 Instagram widgets you should embed on your website. As the popularity and number of users of Instagram are growing rapidly, businesses and brands must seize this opportunity to embed Instagram feed on a website. This will help the followers to engage with them.

When you embed an Instagram feed to your website, it will increase the traffic between your Instagram profile and website which will improve the brand as well as website performance.

Create Your Own Logo Design Ideas


Social media branding is more than a sleek website and a well-designed logo. The ability to raise the social media presence of your brand on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest is important.  Social media channels can build your brand and help you engage with your audience. You should make a lasting impression on your social media profiles and streamline your social media accounts.

You should write a bio that is concise. Your bio should briefly talk about your company, your mission, and what differentiates you. Write a bio that you are proud of. Your brand voice is your writing style, and it reflects the personality of your brand. Your brand voice helps in the perception of your brand. According to Mike Jones, “Know your brand’s values and personality inside and out. Put some energy into crafting some creative verbal guidelines. And make sure every post, tweet, comment, gram, and snap feels like the real ‘you’ of your brand.” Social media is a great way to engage with prospects and customers, and if it is done right, your sales will skyrocket.



Tips for starting your social media brand are:

  1. Be consistent with your social media handle and profile: Consistency is important in branding and when you build relationships with your audience. It is important that you use the same handle for all your social media profiles so that potential customers can easily find your page. Go with a handle that you can use across all your social media profiles. If the handle you want is not available, then you can add a descriptor, action, or location tag to your name such as HQ, official, Canada, etc. You must optimize your logo on all relevant social media platforms. Tools to help you make sure your profile is the right size include Landscape by Sprout Social and Social Media Kit by Logojoy and Design Free Logo Online.
  1. Use the right color palette and font: Your brand should be consistent in its color schemes across social media channels. People must associate certain colors with your brand. Using consistent colors and fonts is important in your brands’ online aesthetics. The colors in your brand logo and complementary colors are an anchor for the color palette you should use on your website and social media channel. Also, use similar fonts on all your social media profiles.
  1. Effectively use cover and header photos: The cover and header photos on social media are important. Make sure the color palette on your cover and header photo is the same as that of your logo. You should regularly change your cover and header photos to keep your social media account fresh. You can also use your cover and header photo to promote a marketing campaign, hashtags, or an initiative. Tools such as Canva, PicMonkey, Adobe Spark, and Pagemodo can help you with your social media profile design.
  1. Be visual: To capture the attention of most people it is important that you share quality photos and videos. According to Jake Messier, “Visuals play an important part in building an effective brand on social media. Posts that include images receive much higher engagement rates than text-only posts.” Try to incorporate your logo or photos or videos that you post. Use filters as they can help your photos look good. You should also be consistent in the type of filter you use.
  1. Post regularly: Organize yourself on social media and maintain a posting schedule. You can use scheduling platforms such as Hootsuite, Buffer, and Later to share content, schedule content, build campaigns, monitor engagement, and shrink URLs. Be authentic and regularly share content as this will keep your brand in the mind of customers. Audiences will trust you when you are consistent, relevant, and offer value. Be human in your engagement with your audience. Your audience must understand what you are saying and why you are saying it.

Ways to increase Instagram sponsors are:

Ways to increase Instagram followers
  1. Use Instagram tools such as SocialDrift, ViralRace, and ViralUpgrade.
  2. Create a competition: A brand can gain exposure from creating Instagram competitions.
  3. Instagram ads: Instagram ads helps brands to gain access to Instagram users.
  4. Trending hashtags: Brands can trend hashtags and encourage their users to engage with it. A branded hashtag can increase reach.
  5. Ask for feedbacks from your audience.
  6. Use the right filters.
  7. Use the right hashtags: To grow your brand you have to use the right hashtags on your photos and videos. Tools such as IconoSquare and Websta can help you find the right hashtags.
  8. Use the right filters as certain filters are better than others.
  9. Post at the right times: Time your posts properly. Know the best times of the day for posting so you can increase your brand’s
  10. Use influencers
  11. Host live events
  12. Use geotags
  13. Promote user-generated content
  14. Write captions that add value
  15. Link your Instagram account to other social media channels
  16. Display important metrics.

Tips to create an exceptional brand are:

  1. Know your audience
  2. Know yourself
  3. Set your goals
  4. Create a brand message
  5. Start conversations
  6. Leverage what you have
  7. Have an editorial calendar
  8. Trademark all your records
  9. Choose a consistent brand name
  10. Use the same photo
  11. Use the same logo
  12. Build your authority
  13. Focus on depth
  14. Be human
  15. Be different
  16. Show appreciation
  17. Ask for help when you need it
50 Cool Logo Design Ideas

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