In 2017, eCommerce sales grew by 24.8% compared to the previous year, that turns out to be 10.2% of the total global retail sales. For 2018, there will be a rise of 23.3% in growth rate -than the previous year. If we sense the pattern here, the eCommerce industry is constantly growing and there’s no look back for a long long time. Of course, the competition is obviously going to increase in coming years but there are certain features that every customer wants to see in any given online store. This article is exactly about these essential features.

In this article, we’ll be talking about 5 most essential features customers look for in any eCommerce store. If you’re thinking about jumping into whole eCommerce game, read the article till the end. Because each one of these features makes the buying process easy, and that’s what customers want.

  1. Advanced Product Search

People make mistakes in typing keywords and mistyping brand names, while at the same time they expect to see relevant results. Just like in Google when you type “Missisipy”, you expect to see “Did you mean Mississippi?”.

What you need is an advanced product search!

Whatever the customer search, your store should be capable enough to find all the relevant products in the results. This is something that has become immensely essential, and you just can’t ignore it. Do you know that weird moment when you search something on Google, and it has no result whatsoever! Well, we definitely don’t want to give that weird moment to our customers, right?

Note For Future eCommerce Store Owners: A lot of BigCommerce themes have the feature of deep search. If you’re thinking about opening up an online store, BigCommerce is a great option to consider.

  1. Product Filtering & Sorting

It is so empowering to offer product filtering & sorting because so many buyers have an exact idea of what they want.

One such example is Amazon.

Amazon offers so many filters and sorting option that buyers can make a purchase in minutes! For example, if you’re searching for Sneakers, Amazon will give more than 10 options to find the right product. Some of the filters are as such:

  1. Size
  2. Price Range
  3. Color
  4. Brand
  5. Customer Rating
  6. Seller

With sorting options like price low to high, best selling, new arrivals, customer reviews, etc.

Customers who know what they want exactly would love this feature. It is also important for the customers who do not have an exact idea because filtering & sorting become a necessity when you’re dealing with tons of products.

  1. Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are more important than you think!

Customer reviews are a huge hit for both the parties.

  1. Customers
  2. The Online Store

Here’s why.

Customer reviews are obviously important for potential buyers because they would want to see the feedback from existing owners. They would want to find the positives and negatives from a user perspective.

Secondly, customer reviews are important for your site’s SEO. There are two theories involved here.

First, more customer reviews mean more product specific content. More content will help you in ranking on top in the search engine.  

Okay, that one was quite obvious! But, the second theory is also important to note down. Let’s compare two product pages. One that has no customer reviews, second that has a lot of customer reviews.

For the first page, the visitor will come and check out the product, will read all the specifications, check out all the details, scroll down for customer reviews but finds none! Then the visitor might leave.

For the second page, the visitor will check out all the details, but they will also find customer reviews. You will notice that the amount of time spent on the second page drastically increased than the first one.

As we all know, the average time spent on a specific page is one of the direct factors in search engine ranking. As the average time on a specific page increases, the bounce rate decreases. That eventually helps your page rank higher in search engines.

  1. A Content Rich Product Page

When I say content-rich, I mean everything you have that can help a buyer make a better choice. Buyers want to see every angle of the product today, so you have to put every damn thing you have related to the product on that page. This consists of high-quality product images, product specifications, options, size chart, product type, instruction, cautions, and all the things that a customer should know.

People are not going to make a purchase when they are in doubt. So, put FAQs to answer all the possible questions. This way, you’re providing all the important (might I say, necessary) things that a customer needs before making a purchase.

Many online stores have started giving a 360° view of every product, and in the upcoming years, it will also become a necessity.

  1. Organized Categories

Many of the buyers search their way out through categories. In such cases, you would want your categories to be refined nay, organized. Here’s a good example of categories from Flipkart – An Indian eCommerce store.

categories from Flipkart

They have separated all the products into 7 main categories with multi-level category level. Although many buyers use the search bar, it is important to have an organized product category. That eventually makes the breadcrumb more sophisticated and a user can jump back and forth very easily.  


According to review we’ve done, these are the most essential features for any eCommerce store. Tell us your views in the comment section below. Also, let us know your views on other important features every eCommerce store should have.


Kashyap Trivedi

Kashyap Trivedi

Kashyap Trivedi is a Digital Marketing Executive at PSDCenter – A Charlotte-based eCommerce development company, actively working in BigCommerce, Shopify, 3dcart, Lightspeed. Kashyap likes to challenge himself, so he can learn & unlearn things on a daily basis. When he is not working, you’ll find him doing research on Psychology or Spirituality.

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