• 3 Simple Techniques To Choose Your WordPress Template

3 Simple Techniques To Choose Your WordPress Template

What WordPress Template do I choose for my blog? Have you ever asked yourself that question? So continue with me, that in this article I will reveal precious tips:

If you have already registered and browsed the WordPress directory you may have noticed that there are hundreds of website templates (paid and free) ready to be downloaded. They are organized by categories and features, which instead of facilitating ends up leaving you in doubt when choosing the WordPress template for your blog.

Themes or Templates as some call them, are pre-designed templates for visual formatting and content for WordPress, which is one of the biggest platforms for creating websites and blogs. The large number of available templates serves both to give a more elaborate and beautiful visual aspect, and to better organize the way your content is displayed and distributed on the page.

And if you need to choose the WordPress template for your digital project, for example from Template Monster, you should note the following details that I listed in this article. Check out!

See 3 tips so that you can choose your WordPress Template without too many difficulties.

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1- Theme according to your project

Also remember to use a theme consistent with the content you want to publish, because as you may know, the first impression is the one that remains, and when you choose the theme inappropriately for your blog you can give a wrong impression of it for your visitor. To start, do a quick search of templates on WordPress through the categories to decrease the number of themes that have nothing to do with your project and facilitate in the search for the ideal template. If you run a business-related website, you need to deal with WordPress templates for business.

As for the appearance or design of the template, it is fundamental, but contrary to what many think having a good design does not mean leaving your blog full of colors, images and texts that clutter the entire space, but clean, with harmonious colors and easy-to-read source to take the reader pleasantly to the content.

2- Assess whether the theme meets your needs

More than being beautiful or presenting extraordinary features and functionality, the theme of your blog must meet your needs first. There are templates that are really incredible, but that sin in problems like difficulty of integration with other platforms, incompatible or untested plugins with the theme or even the difficulty of translation and editing for your project. Also notice if in “Widgets” of the chosen theme there are options that will be interesting for your project. If you still feel the need for a specific function, you can activate the desired feature by activating a plugin.

3- Check if the template has SEO friendly

You should know how important it is (and I emphasize) about the optimization of websites and blogs or simply SEO, which must be friendly to facilitate your search by internet engines, such as Google. Check portfolio website themes regularly.

To find out if that chosen theme has SEO friendly, just read the characteristics of the template and check if the term “SEO friendly” exists. If not, it is better to choose another theme.

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