They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but the power of writing copy is not something that should be ignored. Yes, you want to use the emotive communication of semiotics and visual cues to help engage your client base, but this can be further bolstered by finding the right written style to complement your visual brand language.

You needn’t be a wordsmith or literary marvel to create compelling copywriting for your organization. Indeed, this is the sort of work you can outsource to professionals if you wish. Before you relegate copywriting to the bottom of your priorities list, here’s three reasons the importance of strong copy shouldn’t be overlooked.

1. Your tone of voice = your brand personality

If your brand or business were to come to life as a person, how would they speak? Do you communicate with authority and an air of importance? Or is it more appropriate to seem friendly, humble and down to earth? It’s key you decipher the difference between these varying tones of voice, to ensure you’re using a written and verbal communication style that’s befitting to your company mission and objectives.

For example, a bank may well want to take a more formal, informative approach to its copywriting. Yet, a new start-up finance option, such as Monzo, can be disruptive and engaging by offering an alternative to users who find traditional, established banks irrelevant to their wants and needs. Monzo’s tone of voice uses colloquial, friendly and approachable language to signal their position as “the bank of the future”; debunking overly technical terminology and being transparent in their practices.

Copywriting Shouldn’t Be Overlooked

2. Strong copy can drive traffic to your website

Copy can also be a powerful promotional tool for your business. You may already know the selling-power of a concise and convincing end line, tagline or slogan, but have you invested time and money into creating a strong content marketing strategy for the copy you use in your website and blog posts?

Agencies such as Click Intelligence are the experts at using copy strategies such as keywords, link building, and anchor text to ensure that your business appears higher in search engine results and drives users to visit your website. If you’re unsure of the best way to use copy to push traffic to your website, you should partner with an agency who have a proven track record in content marketing success.

3. Copy is how you communicate with your customers

A copywriting approach and brand tone of voice should influence every written or verbal interaction you have with customers. It shouldn’t just cover the text in your website, but also direct the way you phrase social media posts, emails, telephone conversations and, of course, advertising materials.

Consumers are subconsciously aware of brands which don’t quite add up to one, clear communication message. If you’re conveying “a friend” in one channel, but then adopting technical and loft language in another, you risk confusing and alienating your desired client base.

Businesses who set a marketing plan are 538% more likely to succeed than those that don’t. Make sure your copywriting approach is well considered and mapped out before you start building your brand.

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