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How Not to Get Scammed When Looking to Hire a 2D Animation Agency?

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Based on a study conducted by Statista, the size of the animation market has increased from 254 billion U.S dollars in 2017 to an estimate of 270 billion U.S dollars in 2020.

More and more individuals, entrepreneurs, businesses, and established enterprises are choosing to produce more visual content to interact and engage with their audiences. With the groundbreaking success of YouTube and other video-centric platforms, and with the video consumption on mobile devices increasing at 100% every year, companies cannot afford to miss out on this business opportunity.

However, the need for 2D animation studios and animation services has also raised the incidents of people getting scammed by few entities in the market who either have no intention of living up to their agreement or fall short on the promises they have made. Whatever the case may be, by taking new precaution measures and making efforts at the right time, you will save yourself from wasting a lot of your time and resources that will yield zero results.

You might think of this as being paranoid but scamming is unreal to everyone until it happens to them. In the online world, anyone can spin up a website and start posting fake reviews to make things seem credible and authentic but would you trust someone whose identity itself is in question? Probably not and that’s we highly recommend that you go through these protective measures in order to protect your firm from getting scammed when hiring a 2D animation agency for getting your video made:

Check for Online Review/Credibility

You can learn a lot about a 2D animation studio and how they work by checking what their previous and existing customer have to say about them. You can analyze the company you are planning to collaborate with by checking their client reviews on their website, social media channels, as well as third-party platforms like Clutch. A lot of these online forums will give you a detailed encounter the client had with the company along with their feedback on the services.

If you are a little skeptical about the client testimonials on the company’s website, you can also check out more unbiased platforms and evaluate the creditability of your potential 2D animation studio. For further peace of mind, you also can get in touch with any of the previous customers and request a bit of their time to answer your queries.

But there is a huge problems of fake reviews these days that any firm can generate on any forum. From Yelp to Trustpilot, review sites that are deemed highly trustworthy have been found to harbor tons of fake reviews, so how can you get around this issue?

See there is an easy process to this and that’s by asking the studio to provide details for a project that you saw a review for. If the review was genuine, then the studio will be able to provide authentic details for it but if it’s not, then you need to turn down this studio as a prospective partner and continue your search to look for a credible 2D animation studio.

Verify That They Are a Legal Business

In this time and age, anyone can build a website and run social media pages. This doesn’t necessarily mean there are also running a legally registered businesses. A lot of people, who may refer to themselves as a business, are just a team of freelancers working together who have no legal responsibility to meet every clause of their promise or contract with the client.

When you are looking for a 2D animation studio, make sure to go the extra mile and ensure if the people you are in contact with are a legal business. People can be charming, and you may even be able to find everything going in their favor with an online and social media check. But being a registered business will make it your legal right to receive the services you signed up for.

But how can you ensure that someone is running a legal business? It’s not easy as you will have to ask them to furnish documents related to them being registered with the local and federal authorities. Most wont comply with this request, but considering the amount of investment you are going to do for your 2D animation video, this is critical to ensure you have minimal chances of getting scammed.

Sign an Agreement That Balances Your Requirements

Even if you think the representative you are in contact with understands precisely what you want and has a competent team to bring your vision to life, make sure you get every requirement and promise in writing within the contract. Remember, what is not in agreement, does not exist.

Once you receive the agreement from your 2D animation studio, take some time out to go through the entire thing, make notes of aspects that you want to be removed and elements you want to be added. It may seem a lot of work and even unnecessary, but it will protect you in unforeseen situations.

And if you are giving out such a project for the first time and don’t know what to look for, then you can at least ensure that the agreement contains the following details with vivid clarity:

  • The amount, mode and schedule of payments
  • The full details of the project you have assigned to the studio
  • Terms under which the agreement will go void
  • What will happen if the 2D animation studio overbears their deadlines?
  • How will you judge the appropriateness of the final video?
  • Are client recommendations a requirement you have to fulfil for the studio or not.

Create Project Deliverables Instead of Pushing For A Single, Final Delivery

When you are in contact with a representative, negotiating the aspects of the contract, make sure you have segmented the entire project into a certain number of deliverables and milestones distributed throughout the production process. It gives you more power over the final product. You can share your feedback at every stage and get edits done in real-time instead of waiting for the team to complete the video and go back to making changes at conceptualization, design, and animation level.

It might save you some time in communication and collaborating with the 2D animation studio team, but you are only walking into a tragedy by waiting to see the final video. Building a 2D animation or any other type of video is a creative process, and the team can put together a different model than what you might be visualizing.

See How They Facilitate You during Interactions

Most of the salespeople you come in contact with will be all kinds of charming and very eager to create your video for you. But in your struggle to not get scammed while looking for a 2D animation studio, make sure you look past the sweet talk and analysis which company is competent, professional, and willing to deliver want they are promising.

Often, businesses hire freelancers to build their videos, and why shouldn’t they? They will probably cost you less, and you are directly in contact with the person who is going to work on your video. Besides, a lot of people believe corporations are feeling less empathic towards their clients than freelancers. However, you should consider that companies have an experienced team of skilled designers and animators and established 2D animation Studios have more investment in their online reputation than freelancers who can let go of a project just because they have a lot on their plate.

Hence, try to analyze the interactions and find a company that helps you understand the entire process of creating your video and explains what is possible and what is not, instead of giving you false hopes.

One thing to remember here is that often such behavior is not entirely noticeable and many will miss the red flags in between. So it’s best to stay extra vigilant and cautious to know if there are any such problems.

Things like the Project manager not picking up your calls on the first attempt, late replies to emails, flimsy excuses on missed project deadlines etc. are signs that you need to pull down your PM for a serious talk and notify it that you are not liking these issues and if they continue, you will leave the project and terminate all payments immediately. This will let you see how committed you studio is to its work and to what extent is it willing to go to ensure that you remain satisfied.

Wrapping up

You probably won’t like this, but just assume everyone is out there to get you. It’s all about the sales commission, the number of clients, and sales turnover. So, when you are looking to hire a 2D animation studio, keep all these possible scenarios where the company can scam you and make you sign up for a contract that’s not designed with your best interest in mind. Hence, make sure you don’t let any stone unturned, and don’t be lazy with your research because more efforts at the initial stage will ensure you have a peaceful experience later on.

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Jane Collen is a distinguished and highly experienced industry voice. She is an incredibly eager learner and is always excited to write about new and trending topics, but her field of expertise are 2D animation, app development, emerging tech like AI, Big Data, and the field of outsourcing for businesses.

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