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30 05, 2018

6 Common Mistakes Bloggers Make (and How to Fix Them)

2018-05-30T10:51:11+00:000 Comments

Six years ago, a friend of mine quit her day job and dove headlong into the world of blogging. Like any other venture, the beginning was the hardest. But, within months she was clocking 10,000+ unique visitors a month. She was also earning a regular income more than what her day job paid, and [...]

24 05, 2018

Essentials motivators for business and for life

2018-05-24T07:51:22+00:000 Comments

Starting a business or any new project can be daunting, and often the whole idea can be abandoned because of a lack of motivation. So, below we present a list of proven Essentials motivators - motivational techniques to keep you going when the times may get tough: Remind yourself of other’s successes. A great [...]