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15 02, 2018

How To Design A Logo That Looks Great When Embroidered On Workwear

2018-02-15T11:43:02+00:000 Comments

Your company's logo should be instantly recognizable. It should also have a clear message about what your company does and what its core values are. Even if you don't plan on designing the logo yourself, it can be beneficial to come up with an idea that you can pass on to an outside designer. [...]

15 02, 2018

How to add a logo to photos and watermark your image?

2018-07-06T11:41:47+00:000 Comments

You work hard to take the right pictures and edit them, but sometimes you will find that other companies or people use your work free of charge. How many times did you ask your self how can I protect my website photos? how can I protect my images online? That’s why it’s very important to protect your [...]

2 02, 2018

Formatos populares de ficheiros de logos – Formatos recomendados de ficheiros de logos

2018-02-02T10:15:45+00:000 Comments

Qual é o formato mais recomendado para ficheiros de logos? Durante a criação de um logo para a sua empresa com o nosso construtor de logos, irá encontrar diferentes tipos de ficheiros. Entre os muitos formatos de design de ficheiros de logos, o mais recomendado e os mais populares formatos de ficheiros de [...]