It doesn’t matter whether you are a landscape, wedding, product photographer, or work in another field of digital photography services, you definitely need to have your own business cards. They will help you become distinguished among the competitors and draw the attention of customers to your name.

If you don’t want to waste money on an expensive designer, use free Photoshop business card templates and create the business card on your own easily and of high quality.

Photography Logo Templates

Same as your photography logo design, Business cards can be important for your brand identity. For instance, for expanding the range of your customers and building trust. You will never guess when and where you can meet them. Also, in a store, you may accidentally hear a conversation of a couple who is looking for a photographer for a family photo session. Here you can give them your business card, designed with a professional logo, and offer your services. Original photography logo design and business cards are able to present you as a professional and help you in developing your career.

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How to Make a Perfect Photography Card?

When creating your business card, you need to take into account which branch of photography services you work for. Firstly, this will influence its style and overall idea. It must be associated with the services that you offer. Secondly, choosing a style, you should decide whether you will use photos taken by you or graphics, such as a lens or camera, etc.

Additionally, even giving up the idea of using your images as a basis for a business card, you can still present your genre of photography in the best possible way thanks to properly selected graphic images. So, a beautiful romantic frame is perfect for wedding photographer business cards.

Besides, when creating your business card, you must provide all the important information about yourself so that customers can easily contact you in any way they like. What Information Should You Include in your Business Stationery

1.      Your title

2.      Your personal name

3.      Your mobile phone number

4.      Your business’ website

5.      Your business email

6.      Any tagline or important information (e.g. newborn photography)

It is important to use the same design elements and brand names that are on your website designing services, letterheads, advertising posters, brochures, portfolio, etc.

18 Free Photography Business Card Templates

For you not to waste much time browsing numerous free business cards, websites, we’ve gathered the most beautiful and universal photography business cards designs and templates to download and use as you want.

Free Classic Business Card for Photographers

1. Free Classic Business Card for Photographers

These business card templates are perfect for portrait photographers. They are made in the classic black and white style that allows you to use them for other genres of photography as well. The Black and white background is perfectly combined with examples of your work where these colors are preset too. Everything looks clean and minimalistic and does not distract from key information.

2. Business Card for Lifestyle Photographer

Bright and original examples of your photos will look great on a white background. On the reverse side, all the necessary information about you as a professional photographer is indicated. Excellent free Photoshop business card template and it is suitable for both specialists in the field of lifestyle photography and for those who are engaged in the event shooting.

Business Card for Lifestyle Photographer
Free Business Cards for Event Photographer

3. Free Business Cards for Event Photographer

This template is created in the elegant and sophisticated design. Business cards like these ones are great for event photographers. Luxury event shots are located on the one side of the template. They look great in soft and slightly muted tones. On the reverse side, there is a thematic map, which is located next to the contacts.

4. Free Business Card for Family Photographer

These amazing free photography business card templates will help you present yourself as a professional family photographer in the best possible way. The front side of the template is perfect to place a collage of your works. It will be an excellent solution for home business start-ups. It is easily customizable for your photos and thanks to the white background all information about you will be clearly visible.

Free Business Card for Family Photographer
Outdoor Photography Business Card

5. Outdoor Photography Business Card

If you’re doing outdoor photography, this stylish template is just what you need. It is also suitable for those who work in the field of child or family photography. You have the opportunity to place examples of your best photos on both sides of the business card, adding information to contact you.

6. Lifestyle Photography Business Card

The unique design of this photography card is suitable for both portrait and lifestyle photographers. The slogan or logo of your company will look well in the background of the photo. The other side of the card is made in the classical style and does not contain any unnecessary distracting elements.

Lifestyle Photography Business Card
Wedding Photography Business Card

7. Wedding Photography Business Card

Creative design of this template will allow you to present your mini portfolio. You can easily and quickly set up wedding photo collages presenting your best wedding photos to the customers. The graphic logo makes it even more interesting and attractive, and your contact information placed in the center will be noticed well.

8. Newborn Photography Business Card

A gentle and cute design of these sample photography business cards is the best for newborn photographers. Pastel colors perfectly match this type of photos. On the front side, you can present several of your shots to give your clients the opportunity to make sure in your professionalism and creative way of thinking.

Newborn Photography Business Card
Portrait Photography Business Card

9. Portrait Photography Business Card

This is another cool business card template for portrait photographers. Your studio name/logo is on one side. It is complemented by original decorative elements. This template can be easily customized for the photos that you can place on the back of the business card along with your contact information.

10. Vertical Free Business Card

This original template is suitable for various photography styles as fashion, product, and event photography. Its original vertical design stands out among other classic templates in this list. A stunning background looks creative and memorable. Color palette perfectly matches a simple and uncomplicated design.

Vertical Free Business Card
Wedding Photographer Business Card

11. Wedding Photographer Business Card

Wonderful free business cards for creative professionals. This sample is an ideal option for those who deal with shooting wedding ceremonies, engagement parties and so on. Bright and colorful bridal photos will look eye-catching and the white background only emphasizes them. The main idea of this template is to show as many images as possible. That’s why they occupy the largest part of the card.

12. Commercial Photography Business Card

This business card template is rather universal and can be used not only by commercial photographers. A strict dark background creates a specific feeling of classical elegance. A traditional professional camera lets your client know what services you offer them.

Commercial Photography Business Card
Newborn Photographer Business Card

13. Newborn Photographer Business Card

Take a look at another version of business cards for a newborn and toddler photographers. The split card structure allows you to place some of your photos along with your company name or logo on the one side. Everything looks very proportionate and natural. The light color palette of this pattern is perfectly associated with the purity of babies.

14. Free Business Card Template for Lifestyle Photography

These free photography business card templates are very stylish and elegant. A nice creative background seems almost invisible but it helps present your lifestyle photos in the best way. Besides, the Beautiful large font makes it easy to notice.

Free Business Card Template for Lifestyle Photography
Modern Business Card’s Design for Pro Photographers

15. Modern Business Card’s Design for Pro Photographers

The use of abstract textures in the design of this template makes it suitable for many genres. So, if you specialize in real estate or fine-art photography or work in the field of commercial photography, this business card template meets your goals. It is also useful to those who work in several genres at once and does not focus on one type of photography.

16. Bridal Photography Business Card

This photography business card will surely attract the attention of potential customers. If you work as a wedding photographer, feel free to download this template and customize it according to your taste and style. The central place on the front side of the business card is defined for your best photos. Several pictures located on the reverse side will demonstrate your talent and professionalism.

Bridal Photography Business Card
universal Portrait Photography Business Card

17. Universal Portrait Photography Business Card

This sample is designed specifically for portrait photographers. Examples of your images will serve as the background for this business card. A small graphic element perfectly complements the basic idea. The backside is no less interesting. The graphic element together with the geometric shapes looks modern and impressive.

18. Product Photography Business Card Template

Another version of the combination of classic black white tones and modern design are represented in this template. This is a wonderful variant for product or furniture photography. Besides, despite its minimalism and the lack of many details on both sides, this pattern has a special charm.

Product Photography Business Card Template