It doesn’t matter whether you are a landscape, wedding, product photographer, or work in another field of digital photography services, you definitely need to have your own business cards. They will help you become distinguished among the competitors and draw the attention of customers to your name.

If you don’t want to waste money on an expensive designer, use free Photoshop business card templates and create the business card on your own easily and of high quality.

Photography Logo Templates

Same as your photography logo design, Business cards can be important for your brand identity. For instance, for expanding the range of your customers and building trust. You will never guess when and where you can meet them. Also, in a store, you may accidentally hear a conversation of a couple who is looking for a photographer for a family photo session. Here you can give them your business card, designed with a professional logo, and offer your services. Original photography logo design and business cards are able to present you as a professional and help you in developing your career.

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How to Make a Perfect Photography Card?

When creating your business card, you need to take into account which branch of photography services you work for. Firstly, this will influence its style and overall idea. It must be associated with the services that you offer. Secondly, choosing a style, you should decide whether you will use photos taken by you or graphics, such as a lens or camera, etc.

Additionally, even giving up the idea of using your images as a basis for a business card, you can still present your genre of photography in the best possible way thanks to properly selected graphic images. So, a beautiful romantic frame is perfect for wedding photographer business cards.

Besides, when creating your business card, you must provide all the important information about you so that customers can easily contact you in any way they like. What Information Should You Include in your Business Stationery

1.      Your title

2.      Your personal name

3.      Your mobile phone number

4.      Your business’ website

5.      Your business email

6.      Any tagline or important information (e.g. newborn photography)

It is important to use the same design elements and brand names that are on your letterheads, advertising posters, brochures, portfolio, etc.