Being a great project manager can change the way a team approaches a job and also a business and these tips will help turn you into an awesome one.


1. Listen And Engage


If you don’t listen, you’re not going to learn anything. If you learn to listen, absorb the information and then pay attention to your team, you’re going to have the leading edge. Studying clients and customers will go far in helping you to understand what they want and how your team can best assist them. The more people that you can persuade the better your project is going to go. Listening will give you the leading edge in understanding what the customer or client wants, and delivering it to them.


2. Solve Problems


A good project manager will be a great problem solver. Many times the junior and senior project managers rush right into the project, without any hesitation. They fail to take the time to analyze all of the angles of the project and thus, they fail to properly manage the issues at hand. If you’re having issues and your project is going awry, chances are you’re not taking the time to analyze the problems at hand and implement the right techniques to solve the problems, before they start

3. Team Players


It’s important to serve your team well and look out for their best interest. You’ll learn how to optimize the members Ask for help when it’s needed and focus on working together to solve the problems. In this fashion, you’ll lead your team fearlessly to troubleshoot issues and think ahead to any concerns that may arise.

11 Tips To Being A Project Manager

4. Know Your Tools


It’s important to know your project management tools. Whether you’re the overseer or you’re using a collaborative management software program, you’re sure to be ahead of the game. That is, as long as you know how to use your programs. If you don’t know how to use such programs, you’re going to have a serious learning curve and you may find that you’re behind the game. Take the lead and find a product that will serve your company well and your projects will soar.

  1. Get To Know Your Customers

It’s imperative to understand and know your customer. The better you know them, the more likely you are to see their vision and be able to deliver it to them in a timely fashion. when you take the time to understand and communicate with your customer, you’ll be more likely to solve conflicts and problems that may arise and deliver them the final product as they are picturing. If you can react to your customers and your clients they’re going to like you even before you start.

  1. Learn To Read People

Many people can walk into a room and gravitate toward someone and work the crowd effortlessly. Others must learn how to do this. If you don’t have this skill, learn it. Study people and learn to read what they’re thinking and wanting. Ask the right questions and work hard at developing your emotional IQ. You’ll stand out from others when you learn this.

  1. Find A Mentor

Mentoring is a well-regarded practice and it’s an ideal path to a successful career. There are a lot of reasons that it works, however, keep in mind that you’ll want a successful mentor, if your mentor isn’t successful, you’re not going to be either. Learn from friends, family, former bosses, teachers, and other mentorship programs and take advantage of someone who has already been there.

  1. Enjoy The Responsibility

Enjoy the ability of taking on the responsibility. One day you’re going to be faced with having to make all of the proper decisions. Don’t rush into this. Take your time to learn and enjoy what you do have and remember that your turn will come.

  1. Embrace Change

Part of every project is change. There are going to be many unexpected twists and turns as you work through your various projects. Keep this in mind as you focus on the project at hand. Be flexible and adaptable and improvise when necessary. Be the person who is there and ready to adapt and you’ll go far when that emergency arises.

  1. Get Your PMP Certification

Your credentials are a great asset to your career. Keep this in mind and remember that there are pros and cons to every credential. If you have the time to get it, great, take advantage and learn all that you can.

  1. Be Kind

Remember your sense of humor and focus on the fact that there are just going to be times that things are rough. Don’t be a dictator. Remember to treat others with the same respect that you want to be treated with.

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