A good logo is an essential prerequisite to success when it comes to the real estate industry. Customers and prospects respond well to logos that catch the eye while explaining the company’s purpose. That’s why real estate companies with the word “home” or “house” perform better than those without this tell-tale indicator.

But, just because you don’t have these words in your company name doesn’t mean you can’t become number 1 in your industry. Adding a few simple touches and paying attention to your company ethos could be the best way to come up with a great real estate logo. If you’re feeling stuck and need some inspiration to help you come up with a logo, read on for some inspiring design ideas.

  1. Uniqueness

Take a piece of paper and jot down what makes your real estate business unique. There must be something that inspired you to start your business. This could be a gap in the market or an underserved demographic that you noticed.

Using your logo to communicate what makes you unique can be a great way to get eyeballs to your website and even generate leads.

  1. Bold

You can never go wrong with bold design that makes a statement through color and illustration. Bold design grabs the eye and can be a great way to get people through the door. Just make sure you have something exceptional to offer once they’ve clicked on your website.

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  1. Elegance

Oftentimes, we underestimate the value of simplicity. If you want to create an elegant and understated logo, look to companies that apply this principle, such as Sotheby’s. Their logo epitomizes simple yet distinctive logo design. Plus, simple design makes you accessible and relatable so you’re not limited in your customer base.

  1. Luxury

If you’re trying to attract high-end clientele and make a name for yourself among the legacy real estate agents of the world, it might help to incorporate design which communicates that. For best results, look at templates that embody timeless elegance and simplicity. This could include things like monogram writing and a classic wordmark.

  1. Regal

Depending on your tastes, you may want to incorporate certain “regal” aspects to your logo. This could be in the form of cursive letters and gold accents. To the average consumer, regal design signifies history and luxury. Again, this one depends on your tastes but if your goal is to align your brand with existing legacy real estate companies, this could be a great move.

  1. Rustic chic

The rustic chic aesthetic is warm, charming and relatable. It’ll work especially well if you want to appeal to families and consumers in certain demographics. You can use it to communicate values of community and family.

You can achieve this design aesthetic by adding rustic touches like aged wood print or eye catching but modest symbols that are synonymous with country life. This includes things like oak trees or a sleepy river, which can be added as an illustration on your logo.

  1. Large font

Using large font in logo design is a great way to effortlessly attract people’s attention to your website. This technique works even better when paired with a simple background and maybe a drawing of house keys or a condo building.

  1. Metallic details

Metallic detailing is a simple yet easy way to communicate a message of style and sophistication. You can do it through embossed letters on a white background so that it really pops. Paired with a catchy sounding name, using this trend can turn your logo into a memorable representation of your website.

  1. Monochromatic design

Monochromatic design is ideal for anyone that wants to communicate a message of expertise and efficiency. It can go a long way to help you reach a corporate audience for example.

  1. Modern

Modern design is often characterized by the creative use of symbols, shapes and colors. It’s particularly inspired by midcentury modern design which is very smart and sophisticated.


Hopefully, the tips we’ve provided in this article will inspire you to create an awesome logo for your real estate company. A great Real Estate Logo can set you apart from the competition and help you make your mark as a new player in the industry.

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