10 easy jobs you can do when the coronavirus hits

For the uninitiated, the World Health Organization (WHO) has already tagged the novel coronavirus with the label of a pandemic and as a measure of precaution is urging people to stay indoors for at least a month from now. However, keeping aside the mayhem that is presently circumscribing the world, we will have to accept that life goes on. Even when we are in quarantine, there has to be a set of activities to keep ourselves engaged in and most importantly, in order to battle the surging stress and panic associated with COVID-19, there has to be a vent doesn’t directly remind us of the catastrophe that we are in the midst of. Signing up for a job that can be done from home is a wise recourse to take and the best part about it lies in the fact that in return, you will be gifted with increased productivity, reduced levels of strain and more time and money.

Even so, when considering a work-from-home job, there is a string of factors that must be taken into account to ensure that you are not treading in or around the fraudulent domain. In the following section, we will be laying down 10 easy jobs that you can resort to when coronavirus hits and which are not as ambiguous as the others currently available in the market.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant, as the name suggests implies working on somebody else’s behalf, virtually. If you take up this role, you will have to furnish your hirer with administrative, creative or even technical services in that matter for fields like government, healthcare, legal, finance businesses, and such others. The truth that in this digital era, most businesses operate either partially or completely online can be no longer veiled under covers. This is the reason why the majority of the companies today hire virtual assistants who are proficient with the errands of the online platforms and can help them keep a track of the recent developments and manage administrative tasks.

As a virtual assistant, you don’t have to necessarily work for a single client at a time; depending on the time that you have at hand and your competency with the same, you can manage multiple clients from distinct realms of the industry at once. Even though the roles of virtual assistants largely differ, in general, their accountabilities include composing and responding to e-mails, formulating and circulating business-related data, answering queries, generating and editing content and the like.

Web developer

If you have a technical background, working as a web developer will be incredibly easy for you, at least for the starters. If you have any speck of hesitation about your adeptness, you can subscribe to an online course and then move in sync with it. Nevertheless, most people perceive web development as something very serious, are not equipped with the right resources or lack enough time to work on their own websites which is why they pass on the responsibility to someone else. If reports are to be believed, around 16-20% web developers were self-employed in the last 4 years and the configuration is only stalling by the day. All you have to do is make a note of the requests put forward by the organization you are working for and get a speedy internet connection for your laptop and that would be all. Some postsecondary education or training and applicable experience in web development will let you seal the deal and land a job while being restricted in your home.

Social media manager

Besides television, print, and radio, if we are asked to name another medium that effectively complies with the rudiments of marketing and advertisement then, it will inevitably be social media. In fact, bearing in mind the vogue that social media has turned into, it wouldn’t be completely wrong to say that on some levels, its functionalities are overshadowing the practicalities of its counterparts. It is more or less this dogma that has driven the big-shots to this podium but, not all of them have employees to manage their social media accounts and keep up with the latest trends and this is where the role of a social media manager comes into play.

The chief objective of a social media manager is to promote campaigns and day-to-day activities on the sites. This includes fabricating strategies to amplify the company’s presence on social media, delineating budgets for interesting activities like master-classes, giveaways, meet and greet, etc. and above all, coordinating with the fluctuating market anticipations to have an edge over the predominant competitions.


If you were always drawn to comprehending even the most ordinary thing with a tinge of creativity then this is the right time to try your hands at blogging. The idea might seem a little daunting at first but, once you get started it will both generate money and bring your ideas into the limelight for the world to admire. Nonetheless, the only thing that you must remember is that the whole thing depends on you and how well you devise it- there’s no third party involved or a mentor guiding you through the process. It can take up to a few months or even years to receive the attention you were originally aiming at but, for the budding writers, it’s all worthy.

Banking on affiliate advertisement and external links and asking your friends to share your articles on their social media handles will boost the coverage of your blog and thus, let you monetize it from the early days itself.

Freelance writing

Freelance writing

The demand for writers who can spawn fresh content from time to time and treat common subjects from a solitary viewpoint is the need of the hour. In a situation like this, where the entire world has gotten into a shell, all forms of recreation and entertainment have been shut off, there has to be some source of leisure that man can engage in during his free time. Freelance writing can take place over the internet; as a writer, you form the matter around the subject that has been assigned to you and its guidelines and send it over the web to the clients.

Given the fact that a lot of companies do have in-house writers, a large number of websites outsource their content and seek assistance from freelance writers and content creators. If you have writing experience then well and good but, to be an efficient freelance writer, you must, above all, have ambition and persuasive tone to find a unique angle of stories and relate them in compelling voice to keep the audience hooked.

Data entry

There are incalculable businesses in the market that need workers who can precisely update the crucial data and numbers into their systems daily. The data registered can be capitalized on for diverse reasons such as to track inventory and shipments, measure output and resultantly evaluate the performance and create effectual business strategies. Evidently, to make ends meet, basic computer and steadfast typing skills qualify as indispensables for this job. With the growing plea of work flexibility and isolation that we have been subjected to, many data entry workers are being approved to work from home and with a schedule that complements the regular routine of their lives.

Graphic designing

Quite like his/her regular equivalent, freelance or remote graphic designer to takes up the duty of constructing graphic designing solutions to enhance the visual appeal of the projects handed over by the clients. Despite the verity that the designer is expected to work within the regulations of the consumers and organization he is operating under, there is enough room for him to exercise his discretion and transform the jarring lines of direction into something pleasant and unparalleled. All in all, a graphic designer is a detail-oriented person with an aptitude for manifesting creativity to the T and accentuating originality in such a way that it will make people remember it.

A generous chunk of a graphic designer’s job description encircles around designing logotypes, hallmarks, trademarks, and other such characteristic motifs that define and represent the company, private agency or organization. To ace this job, all you will have to have in your kitty is some pertinent experience, an eye for uniqueness, a 3D logo maker to ease things out for you and curtail your efforts for better and affordable branding.

Filling out surveys

Did you know that there are a crazy number of companies in the industry that hire people only to fill out survey forms and review products for them? Getting paid for working in a dominion where you will not be bound under any directive and will have enough command to voice out your opinion is the dream life of a lot of people out there. All the same, most of these organizations hire people only through the reference of their existing workforce and if you happen to know someone who is involved in this job, you can request them to lend a hand to sign you up. If not, just run your request on one of the web search engines and you will be provided with a long array of choices and means through which you can work with the companies. To be a bona fide reviewer, you should have honesty posited right on the top of your priority list and have ready a set of reasons that elucidate why you are speaking for or against the particular product that has been sent to you.



Dexterous in more than one language? Then here’s your opportunity to shine. Look for a company that is actively searching for translators or interpreters to decipher important documents and facilitate communication between two participants who converse in different languages, over the internet. You will have to analyze every bit of the message presented before you including their tone, mood, affirmations, interrogations and pauses before re-communicating so that the integrity of the proposition is not rehabilitated. Other than this, as a translator, you can secure jobs that concern shaping subtitles for online videos, movies, and television shows.

You can have access to specialized translation software to ring in consistency and improved accuracy and follow the industry quality standards outlined by the Association of Translation Companies.

Nurse practitioner

If you have a background in medical education, you can accept the job of a nurse practitioner for the time being.

Nurse practitioners are envisaged to remotely take calls and provide medical care, wellness, and medical education and treat patients with care coordination. Amidst the coronavirus outbreak, it is imperative to acquaint people with the right modus operandi and curb their tendency to panic. If appropriate protocols are implemented while there’s still time, the hazards of this virus can be indeed combatted; and who else apart from experienced health practitioners can lead people on the factual path and control the mounting number of victims?

The bottom line

After going through all the possibilities outlined in the preceding segments, we are confident that you must have found your forte and are on your way of pursuing it. While doing so, preferably subscribe to a logo maker and affordable branding to build your stakes and endow on your job the seriousness that it deserves. There are thousands of people who would be following the same dream as you; but, with the aim of standing you, must successfully leave your mark and give your clients something to remember you by.

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