Typography plays an important role in all types of design, from product packaging to mobile applications and more. Today we will talk about the best websites to find free sources and take your design to a new level. Do you remember at the Oscars 2017 when, due to a mistake in the typography, they were wrong to pronounce the winner of one of the prizes? A simple change in typography would have eliminated this timely accident. For that reason here I leave the list with the 10 best sites to find free sources. To note, the reason I present this article is that I have quite a bad experience of typography errors.

  1. Google Fonts

    Google Fonts is one of the first websites in the top when we look for free sources. This massive library contains 800 font families of various types, from sans serif to hand-made fonts, monospaced fonts and more. And the best thing is that they are open-source, that is, free. Google has dominated the world of the Internet since almost a decade ago, continues to grow with new services and most of them are free.

  2. Font Squirrel

    Font Squirrel is another resource for downloading high-quality free fonts. Most sources come with commercial licenses. To avoid problems, the site forces you to take a look at the license before obtaining the fonts. This site is very concerned about copyrights and you may be a little disturbed by it.

  3. FontSpace

    This site offers a massive collection of over 32,000 free sources from 2100 designers. You can use them for your personal projects. If you want an unlimited number of collections, FontSpace is one of the best options.


4. DaFont

DaFont is one of the best platforms for downloading free fonts. There are both typographies for personal use and fonts that come with commercial licenses.

  1. Abstract Fonts

    Abstract Fonts is a site of free high-quality typefaces. The site includes a novel source categories visualization mode.

  2. Behance

    Behance is a social network where designers create portfolios of their best works and share their designs with others. The designers share a lot of free content on Behance, and this includes free fonts as well. The good thing about entering this site is that the sources are going to be original; you will not see almost the same in another place.

  3. FontStruct

    FontStruct is currently a creation tool that allows you to manufacture your own fonts with geometric shapes. FontStruct website also contains a gallery of more than 43,000 sources.

  4. 1001 Fonts

    Do not let the name fool you; this site contains more than 9,000 high-quality fonts, some for commercial use only. You can look at fonts according to their size, style or thickness to find your perfect font more quickly.

  5. Urban Fonts

    Urban Fonts is another great place to find free sources. The site contains fonts according to templates and allows you to create an account to save your favorite fonts.

  6. FontSpring

    FontSpring is a premium site with a wide variety of premium fonts, but it also allows you to download some free to use in your projects. You will find information about your license on each page of the source.

Hopefully, this article is quite useful for you who are looking for the best source for your typography activities.

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